tth's softwares

A wrapper library for g77 around libao and libsndfile, for sound applications under Linux (and maybe others unices).
A visual tool for looking at binary differences between two files (ncurses interface). A must-have for all coderz.
Small tool for debugging resolver problems. Need improvments. No IPv6 support. Readable source code.
batch or interactive tool which can dump keys and data from a GNU DBM file. It can display data in ASCII, decimal, hex, and octal formats. Posix regexp search functions are also provided.
Abominable vieillerie build around multi-layers kludgy patches, with a non-sense documentation. Binding g77 included. Nasty command-line tools are available.
Hackedz library of C functions who can make you a semi-god of Web2.0pl42 Fortran applications.
Tinyware player for .wav and .au sound files. Glamour ncurses interface. Beta version. No mp3, no Ogg.

13 Juillet 2007. [tth]